About Us

Mammitas Coffee

Located in the heart of Iowa City, I am excited to bring diversity to the downtown district. Having roots from El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico is the inspiration for my Latin infused coffee shop.

Growing up sipping café con leche, I watched my grandmother dip her delectable pan dulce (sweet bread) in her Latin lattes as salsa and Spanish music played in the background is a memory I will never forget. This is why I had to re-create those flavors at Mammitas. Offering our signature drinks, Horchata and Dulce de Leche Lattes and our Mexican sweet bread (Pan Dulce) ties into our latino heritage. You can also enjoy Mammitas Pan con pavo or Mammitas Cuban sandwich, which is our own special childhood recipe, as your sandwiches are paired with plantain chips just like we had growing up.

Our Latino heritage had to be the experience I wanted to create and that strong feeling of home. In my grandmother's house, whom I called Mammita, everyone was not only welcomed but made to feel like family. This is what motivated me to have a Latin inspired coffee shop. Where everyone who walks in…..is  automatically greeted with the same love and spirit of familia.